Sonja Schleser was born in Vienna and grew up in different parts of Austria.
She studied English- and American Studies as well as Communication Studies at the University of Vienna, including an exchange term at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Parallel to her studies she worked in various fields such as English translation and private tuition, media planning, research and medicine. After having completed her MA and BA, she worked in the communications department of the international medical emergency organization Doctor’s Without Borders. During these years she spent several months in different parts of the world such as South Sudan, Jordan and Iraq.

Since 2017, after having successfully completed the CELTA diploma, Sonja has worked as an English trainer for adults.

Why did I become a t

I am a language lover and especially the English language and culture has always fascinated me. I have chosen the training path, because I like to work with people and love exploring the use and the rules of this beautiful language together. Whether individual or group trainings, no matter what age group, teaching makes me happy and I’m trying to share that joy with the participants of my trainings.

What motivates me? What do I like best about my profession?

The participants in my trainings, their questions and feedback motivate me to constantly adapt my teaching methods and to design individual trainings so that each participant benefits in the best possible way.

What do I love to teach or translate?

Whether Conversational English, Grammar, or Language in Use – I like teaching everything.
Furthermore, it is my special concern to respond to each participant as much as possible and questions are always welcome.
A special field/ focus of my training is teaching of medical staff, especially dental assistants.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

I met Martina during our joint CELTA training (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and was later asked to take English lessons.
I enjoy working with CasaLinguae because the communication and the administrative part of the job work smoothly and the trainers are valued.

Why should someone choose CasaLinguae?

CasaLinguae offers a professional, competent team of trainers/ translators combined with friendly manners. Due to its large pool of qualified trainers, CL is certainly able to find the ideal person for your personal or professional request.