Brigitte Gledhill

Brigitte Gledhill wurde in einem Londoner Vorort geboren und ist zweisprachig aufgewachsen (Englisch und Deutsch), das allerdings Großteils in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten. Sie studierte Deutsch und Französisch auf der Universität von Bath, UK, und arbeitete danach über 20 Jahre in der internationalen Luftfrachtindustrie ehe sie sich als Mental Coach und Trainer selbstständig machte. Sie wohnt in Wien, genießt dort das reiche Angebot an Kunst und Kultur, sowohl als Besucherin im Publikum als auch als Chorsängerin auf der Bühne, und ist für CasaLinguae auch als Übersetzerin tätig.

Brigitte Gledhill was born in a London suburb, and grew up bilingual (English and German), for the most part in the United Arab Emirates, however. She studied French and German at the University of Bath, and then worked in international air cargo for more than 20 years, before going self-employed as a Life Coach and Trainer. Brigitte lives in Vienna where she enjoys the wide range of cultural activities on offer, both as a concert-goer in the audience as well as a choir-member on stage, and she also works as a translator for CasaLinguae.    


Why did I become a trainer/translator?

Having grown up bilingual, languages fascinate me – not only in how they affect communication between two or more people, but also the role they play in your personality. Language is as much as conductor of cultural traits and mannerisms, as it is a means of transporting a message. What works in one language, can come across as odd or even impolite in another. Speak more than one language? Chances are you have more than one personality and even tone of voice. Amazing, isn’t it?

What motivates me? What do I like best about my profession?

That I get to learn something new with every text that I translate. As a self-confessed “course-junkie”, translation is a wonderful way to feed my addiction! I enjoy the challenge of hearing the original author’s voice and sentiments in my mind, and working to recreate them in English. It is rather like doing a jigsaw puzzle and finding the right pieces to achieve the same overall image.

What do I like/love to teach or translate?

My “taste” in translation / conversation topics is very similar to my taste in music, which covers everything from the 80s – and by that I mean the 1680s to the 1980s and on to present day music. In other words, very varied and almost all genres. Newsletters, subtitles, magazine texts, podcasts, webpages, etc – you name it, I am flexible.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

CasaLinguae and I share the same core values: professionalism, quality, intercultural competence and personal contact, to name but a few. Your project is in good hands with CasaLinguae.