Natalie Pelc

Natalie Pelc ist eine muttersprachliche Englischtrainerin, die seit mittlerweile 5 Jahren in Österreich lebt und unterrichtet. Sie wurde ursprünglich in Montreal (Kanada) geboren, ist aber vorrangig in Kalifornien aufgewachsen. In San Francisco hat Sie als lizensierte Immobilienmarklerin gearbeitet und über 11 Jahre lang dem gewieften lokalen Klientel geholfen Eigenheime zu kaufen und verkaufen.

Natalie ist eine Absolventin der Universität von Kalifornien in Santa Cruz und hat zusätzlich noch vertiefende Ausbildung im Gebiet der Psychologie erworben. Ihr Sales & Marketing Hintergrund machen Sie zu einer Expertin in effektiver Kommunikation und allen Aspekten des Themas Business Englisch.

Darüber hinaus ist Sie sehr offen, sympathisch und es ist einfach eine Freude mit Ihr zu arbeiten. Ihre Stärke liegt im Aufbau von Redegewandtheit und in der Entwicklung der persönlichen Sozialkompetenz im Englischen.


Natalie is a native-English speaking language trainer who has been living and teaching in Austria for 7 years. She was born in Montreal, Canada, but grew up in California, USA and worked professionally as a licensed realtor in San Francisco, helping the savvy San Francisco clientele purchase and sell residential properties for 11 years.

Natalie graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Biology, and, additionally, she studied graduate level psychology. She has a background in sales and marketing and is an expert at effective communication and all aspects of Business English.

In addition, she is extremely personable and fun to work with, and is a great asset in building overall fluency and in developing one’s social skills in English.


Why did I become a trainer / translator? 

I began working as an English trainer when I first moved to Austria from the United States. I had befriended an American woman who was an English instructor, and she asked me if I would be interested in teaching. I actually had prior experience because I had worked at an after school program, primarily with junior high and high school students, while I was studying graduate level psychology. I decided to give it a try here in Austria, and the job suited me from the start!

People began giving me translation and editing projects, and I naturally wanted to help.

What motivates me and drives me? 

I love working directly with other people, and I enjoy making my classes fun and effective. I am primarily motivated by my students and by our collaboration, but I am also driven by the satisfaction of helping others.

What I teach or I translate the most? 

I have been teaching English at the Military Academy at Wiener Neustadt this past year, and so that has been something very new and rather different for me. In general, I have specialized in Business English and general English skills. I have worked in businesses all over Vienna as an in-house trainer, and I have also done a lot of private training as well as online training. I have spent a lot of time working with adults who specifically want to improve their English/Business English skills, and I have also been working with adolescents who need extra support in school.

The translations/editing projects range from brochures to websites to Master Theses to articles/publications.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae? 

I initially connected with the founder of CL through a different language company for which both of us had been doing contract work. When she told me about CL, I was immediately impressed with her ideas and motivation. Once I had met the other language trainers, I was sold. CasaLinguae has brought together a diverse group of highly skilled language trainers and translators, and therefore the business can truly offer a wide range of language services to clients.

Why should you opt for CasaLinguae?

The trainers at CL are exceptional. Not only are the trainers highly skilled, professional, reliable, but they are also creative, engaging, and driven. CL focuses on custom-tailoring classes to meet the individual needs of its clients.

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